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Why don't you like the pretty boy comic? Not that there's anything wrong with that



Pretty Boy makes a mockery of victims of bullying, and makes out depression and anxiety into something cute and quirky. Anyone who’s been victim of bullying at any point in their lives would know the extreme psychological trauma it has on oneself - and how difficult it is to ever forgive someone for any kind of bullying. In the Pretty Boy comics the victim not only seems to readily forgive his bully, but enters into a romantic relationship with him? What the fuck? Is this Glee? Anxiety and depression seems to be played off as nothing more than a cute interesting gimmick in that comic, which it obviously isn’t, lol. Depression and/or Anxiety is not in the slightest bit cute or interesting, they’re both really shit. Pretty Boy comic, to me, also kind of fetishizes underaged gay teens and appeals to hoards of straight girls who love ‘teh kawaii yaoizzz’.
So yeah, as a queer teen with anxiety and depression who’s suffered through bullying, I take personal offence lol.
Even if this isn’t the message the artist is trying to give off with this comic (I’m sure it’s not), I still find it gross omocat happily prattles on about her Pretty Boy comic without addressing any of the offensive and problematic tropes which have been bought up by so many people lol.


Okay as a bisexual who suffered from bullying (I had to drop out of high school because of it actually) who also suffers from anxiety and depression? I’m taking offense to you.

1. Where is omocat making light of depression and anxiety? Neither character is shown to have depression or anxiety. You are assuming things about them based off of stereotypes because let me guess: you think the ‘pretty boy’ character has anxiety and depression, don’t you? Because he sits alone? Because he’s quiet? I don’t know why because nothing is stated. Nothing is shown. I have no idea where you’re getting this from other than it would seem like you’re trying to find offense to whatever you can.

2. Bullying? ‘Out of the way, Pretty Boy’ is now bullying? It’s people like you that really exaggerate this shit and make nobody take it seriously. Bullying tends to happen more than once and is usually harassment. From what we can see? This guy said that once, thought the other boy was cute, and proceeded to try to get to know him. There is nothing wrong with this. What did Pretty Boy need to forgive? Someone teasing him and then promptly treating him nicely after and even beating up ACTUAL bullies for him later?

3. Do you know what fetishizing means? Showing two boys developing a crush and getting to know each other? Is not fetishizing. There’s a lot of fetishizing things when it comes to material about gay men and women, but this is not it. It’s an innocent story about two boys.

Usually I don’t reply to these things, but you are legitimately just trying to take offense to whatever you can just to raise a stink. You don’t have to like the comic or anything. You can hold issue with it all you like, but the fact remains you are pulling something out of nothing here just to do so.